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Hi, I currently have a sliding patio door on a stucco house. I have started removing the stucco to expose the fin and I noticed that they held back the OSB from the trimmer stud. this is not typical is it? Since my new hinged patio door has a 4&9/16 jam I have to replace that OSB so my interior jamb will be flush with the drywall. The other problem I noticed is that using a 5' level on the current door glass or frame, I can see that the door is not plumb. I see about 3/16 tip in toward the top which probably means well over 1/4 over the entire 8' door. Anyhow, I have a table saw and jointer and I have done tapered cuts before by extending the fence and taping or gluing a block to the end of the board against the fence. I would use a dry doug fir 2x4 and rip a tapered piece to get the proper thickness and taper. I'll glue and nail with finish nails since it will be fragile. Is this a good plan? Of course once I remove the slider I have to verify that the studs are in fact the problem as the door might not be tight to the studs. Thanks for any comments
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BEATRICE HOLLAND (Somerville, MA), 01/07/2019

You need an oil based product, gasoline, benzine, etc......

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 02/28/2019

Got a picture? OSB should have been ran all the way to the edge of the jack stud. Getting it to be even with the drywall can be done by buying the door with the right sized jambs or with jamb extentions on the inside. Make sure the floor is level before setting the door. If it's off the whole door will be off. At least 90% of the time those big doors where never flashed correctly. Best way is to set it in a Jamb sill when use window and door tape up the sides. Not flashing correctly can take out the subfloor, rim joist, and floor joist.Jamsill Guard Door and Window Sill Pan Flashing.

- BOB CUMMINGS (Medford, OR), 02/17/2019

I think I can add a strip of OSB or ripped doug fir to build it out - standard jamb width is 4&9/16 and I think anything else will be a lot more money. I poked a screwdriver from inside of wall along trimmer stud to the fin (to measure fin to drywall surface jamb width) and I got a fairly consistent 4&1/8. So if I add 1/2' to the trimmer stud on the outside I should be OK on jamb width. My floor is slab but the odd thing is that from the outside of the house you can see they have a pressure treated 2x4 embedded in the slab, kind of like a sole plate. Top of 2x4 is flush with slab. what in the world is that for? I have a sliding door now but I don't see any screws in the bottom of the slider frame. I tell you, they do weird things on tract homes. I have run into many odd things like this. A little hard to take a good pic with all the contrast but below you can see the OSB edge peeking out. There are 2 layers of house wrap here, one under fin and one above, no flashing tape. I intend to use flashing tape on install. Pella actually has some very good instructions.

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Odessa, TX), 02/23/2019

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